SA rapper AKA loves travelling, so we do not rule out a travel show for him in the future/ Picture: Instagram.

Kiernan Forbes, known by his fans as AKA, has hinted that he would love to do a travel show. The Jika rapper is no stranger to travel and expressed his desire to do a travel reality show with his “girl”’ during a recent live stream.

He said in a recent post: “Anyone out there watching these snaps  I am willing to do a travel show. I’ll quit music for a year. Me and my girl just travel the world…” (sic)

While the “girl” he is referring to is believed to be DJ Zihle, his baby mama and former girlfriend, the jury is out on who his possible love interest may be.

Here are 3 reasons why we will watch a travel show by the Supa Mega rapper:

He is the perfect South African celebrity to be the face of a show: While AKA is no stranger to controversy, he is quite popular in South Africa. The show will be entertaining, showcasing the star’s wit and personality as he explores the world. The rapper is also very vocal about his experiences, so we are guaranteed that he will be honest about the destination he visits.

Everyone loves a travelling couple: If he is travelling with his “girl”, then we are likely to get loads of travel advice from the pair about the dos and don’ts of travelling with a significant other. Besides, most couples want information about interesting destinations and activities, and who better than AKA to dish out the details?

He will showcase “the best of the best” AKA is well travelled, having been to the US and Thailand recently. As we know, the rapper loves luxury travel, from business class flight tickets to 5-star hotels. While most of us may not be able to afford these lavish holidays, it will make for good TV.