The island of Cyprus. Picture: Supplied
The island of Cyprus. Picture: Supplied

5 activities to do in Cyprus

By Mpho Rantao Time of article published Sep 7, 2018

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The land of ancient ruins, surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and with a plethora of unique cuisine - and that is only what is advertised to curious travellers. The island of Cyprus is an interesting island that is overshadowed by its history with Greece and Turkey, two countries whose cultures are still visible in the present on the island. 

Steeped in myth, coveted by every conqueror with an eye for a prize, Cyprus' tumultuous and multi-layered past has left ancient riches strewn across this island, and while soaking under the sun, there is one thing about the island that draws a lot of visitors to it - the naturally warm Cypriot hospitality is much in evidence on both sides of the Green Line.

Partake in a culinary feast - dining in the finest Mediterranean meals on offer - have fun in the water with every water sport imaginable, or time travel back in time to when leaders from all over Europe tried to make their claim on the island, Cyprus offers it all. Here are a few activities that you can do while on the island. 

Full-day tour of Limassol

Tour of Limassol. Picture: Lonely Planet

Partake in a full day's tour of the city of Limassol, visiting the amazing sites on Five Finger Mountain - Bellapais Abbey, St. Hilarion Castle, Kyrenia Castle and then the walled city of Nicosia. 

Taste Cyprus' best wines

Cyprus wine tasting in Larnaca. Picture: Lonely Planet

Go wine tasting in the old part of Larnaca, and learn about the wine offerings and pairings from each of the wines that The Oak Tree Wine Cellar has to offer, located in the old part of the Larnaca town. 

Visitors can partake in the tasting of 10 Cyprus wines including rose, white, red and sweet wines that will be explained by a trained staff. 

Each wine will be served at their proper temperature and with the proper wine glasses so you can explore each flavour as they have been intended. 

Get active on the island

The island has a plethora of trails on offer for travellers to explore, which range from very easy to challenging. Travel through tall pine forests between cobblestone villages to epic multi-day treks linking castle ruins across the craggy Kyrenia Range. 

For those who are fans of hiking - there are the  Troödos Mountains and the Asinou–Agios Theodoros trail in the Adelfi forest. If you feel like a hike with a view, then the wild Akamas Peninsula is prime hiking territory that offers up panoramas of the peninsula’s jagged shoreline as it bites into the blue sea.

Stunning views of the sea from the forests. Picture: Supplied

Go on a historic tour 

Travel back in time with a historic tour of the island - where travellers will get to see the Kykkos Monastery, the ghost city of Varosi in Paphos, the ancient theatre, the old city of Famagusta and the ancient Kingdom of Salamis.

Take a trip to the Roman stadium and wander through the spectacular ruins at Kourion, the Temple of Apollo and the residence of the gladiators - imagining how it once looked in the ancient times.

Travellers should also visit the Paphos countryside to visit villages and learn about the island's traditional methods of basket-making. 

The Kykkos Monastery. Picture: Supplied


What is a trip to an island without partaking in a few water activities?

The island of Cyprus offers up many water sports for visitors - including canoeing, kayaking, jetski and strolls on the beach. The island's beaches offer so many activities which you can partake in either on your own or with a qualified guide.

Take a trip to the Korprulu Canyon where you can go river rafting through the canyon's rough currents. It’s a dramatic journey, as you raft through the rapids for a distance of 9 kilometres and experience stimulating adrenaline rush. 


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