Travelling is important because it transforms individuals and teaches about cultures and ways of life. Picture: Pexels.

A few years ago, travelling the world and interacting with people from different backgrounds, languages and regions was not part of everyday life. However, with global communities becoming increasingly connected, the world is becoming more and more accessible with more opportunities to explore. 

Dr. André Schulz, General Manager, Lufthansa Group Southern Africa, said travelling is important because it transforms individuals and teaches about cultures and ways of life.

“Technology and transport options are helping our world become smaller and travel easier, by contributing to the availability of different locations. 

Full time travel may seem like a dream life to most. However, most individuals can transition into full time travelling by working remotely or by taking up freelance employment. Often, travelling the world is an opportunity for individuals to meet new people and make useful professional connections. 

Swiss International Air Lines explores some ways that travelling is becoming more accessible, and how individuals can fully leverage from their experiences;

Get inspired: Travelling enables individuals to be inspired by new locations, cultures, histories and through discovering new stories. 

Learn: Travelling allows individuals to expand their minds and skills sets, leading to personal growth and confidence. It also allows individuals to learn new things about themselves.

Adopt a new career path: Many career opportunities are becoming available for those looking to settle in a new country. These international careers range from teaching, au pairing, and freelancing, to volunteering or outreach causes.

Stroke your curiosity:  Travelling forces people to enjoy nature’s restorative and calming qualities, and these life long experiences are bound to have a lingering effect on individuals. 

Meet people: It can take years to unravel the complexities of new cultures, however there are ways to increase your chances to have a true and meaningful cultural encounter with the places you visit. The most fulfilling travel experiences stem from truly engaging with the local people.

Partake in a good cause: There are many issues in various countries around the world; aspiring travellers can use their adventures as an opportunity to participate and volunteer in charitable, fulfilling experiences.