The Sakura temple and Mount Fuji. Picture: Supplied
The Sakura temple and Mount Fuji. Picture: Supplied

5 Places to visit in Japan

By Mpho Rantao Time of article published Aug 10, 2018

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Japan (otherwise known as the land of the rising sun) is a country that is overflowing with the mixture of culture, tradition and modernity, which is what draws so many people to its land.

There is always so much to see in the Asian nation, and sometimes not enough time, but it’s nice to partake in activities that don’t always include crossing the Shibuya crossing or touring Harajuku. 

1. Play Pachinko 

A budget-friendly game, Pachinko is a game where silver balls are fired from a gun and you try to get as many silver balls as you can into specific slots. You can play the game at Electric City in Akihabara

The amount of balls you accumulate equates to a prize money you’ll receive afterwards. This game is an interesting past time in Japan and gives you extra money for souvenirs or food. 

Pachinko in Electric City. Picture: Supplied

2. Go watch Kabuki

The form of traditional Japanese entertainment that has been registered as a UNESCO cultural heritage art form. 

The kabuki which has been handed down from the Edo era till now is worth going to see. The flashy appearance and over-the-top drama is quite an audience pleaser.

Kabuki theatre in Japan. Picture: Julia Lemberger

3. Be a ninja for the day

Going to Japan allows you to experience some of your childhood dreams - by spending the day learning how to be a ninja. 

“Ninja no Mori Akame Sijuhachitaki” in Mie prefecture is where you can experience being a ninja for yourself. Of course, they will also lend you the right clothes. 

You can try ninja training and have an enjoyable time with other various attractions.

Learn how to be a ninja. Picture: Yano Tatami/Instagram

4. Dine in Alice’s Wonderland

Fancy a cup of tea in the Labyrinth? Well, you can with Fantasy Dining in Shinjuku. The Fantasy Dining of Alice in Wonderland is a labyrinth of storybook pages, followed by a stack of books that make you feel caterpillar-sized. 

You enter into the main dining room to see various scenes from the story: the hedges from the queen’s garden, a ceiling with enormous cards on it, and chairs in the shape of rose bushes. To top off the interior design, even the food is themed. 

Have an appetizer in the shape of cut-out cards and roses or an ice cream dessert that resembles the Cheshire cat.

Fantasy dining with Alice, Japan. Picture:

5. Sing Karaoke

What would a trip to Japan be without singing some karaoke? 

Another favourite past time of the Japanese, karaoke is an exciting activity that can be done solo, as a duo or even as a huge group. 

It can a huge ice-breaker between Japanese residents and tourists, and is just plain fun for everyone. 

Karaoke is favourite past time. Picture:

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