Watch: Family caught on camera stealing hotel items. Pexels
Watch: Family caught on camera stealing hotel items. Pexels

Busted! Video goes viral after family is caught red-handed stealing from hotel

By Nathan Adams Time of article published Aug 2, 2019

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A video of a family's luggage being searched after they've checked out of a hotel has gone viral.

Twitter user @hemanthpmc posted the video which shows the family about to leave the hotel premises when their bags are checked.

The family, from India, were on holiday in Bali at the time of the incident and a man can be heard in the video saying "We will pay for this, we'll pay for it.

The video has also raised the issue around what travellers can take out of hotel rooms when they leave.

Complimentary items such as soap, shampoo, slippers and vanity kits are there for the taking, but as seen in the video, members of this family had taken towels and crockery.

As the video went viral, especially in India and Asia, one Twitter user warned that people should not generalise and stereotype Indian travellers.

Ravi Chandar tweets: "Just one incident. But how the hotel staff will treat/see Indians further who are checking in there. As a bunch we are one of the bad behaviours while touring whether in India or abroad."

In response, Indian travel agencies have been releasing informative videos and lists on social media reminding people what is permissible and what is not when taking things from hotel rooms.

Watch: Family caught on camera stealing hotel items:

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