The Soori Estate, Soori Resort Hotel in Bali, Indonesia. Picture: Soori Resort Hotel

Reality star Kim Kardashian turned 38 in October and what better way to celebrate her birthday than by going on a family vacation to an exotic location like Bali, in Indonesia.

Kim Kardashian on a private beach in Bali. Picture: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The reality show family spent the week in Bali, staying at a luxury private resort called Soori Resort Hotel, where, obviously, the Kardashians booked the most expensive and most private villa in the resort.

Nestled amid rice fields and Mount Batukaru, positioned right on the ocean, the Soori Resort is a 48-villa resort that was designed and is owned by architect Soo K. Chan (of the firm SCDA) and his wife.

The Chan couple originally planned to use it as a family home before deciding to open it as a luxury hotel, Alila Villas Soori, in 2009.

It relaunched as an independent hotel, the Soori, in November 2016, and became a part of Leading Hotels of the World in February 2017.

The private villa which was rented by the Kardashians went for approximately R420 000.

The villa was designed in such a manner that the products, such as Batu candi volcanic stone and grey sandstone from nearby riverbanks, would be used for the villa interiors, and would be seen as sustainable and environmentally-friendly. 

Upon arrival, guests are treated to the modern luxurious arrival courtyard, a lobby that is filled with glassy pools, marble and lots of greenery.

A view of the arrival courtyard. Picture: Soori Resort Hotel

Soori’s smallest villa is 209 square metres, has a private pool and starts at R8 963 a night.

The villas range from one-bedrooms to three- and six-bedrooms and they all have views of the mountains or the ocean.

A villa with a private pool and a view of the ocean. Picture: Soori Resort Hotel

The villa in which the Kardashians stayed in is known as the Soori Estate. This villa has approximately 10 bedrooms, five infinity pools, and even a helipad.

To add to the ludicrously-large villa, there is an outdoor pavilion, a gym, a spa therapy room, a library and a dining room that could host the entire extended Kardashian-Jenner family.

An aerial view of the Soori Estate. Picture: Soori Resort Hotel

The starting rate for it is R140 000 a night and is reportedly known as the largest private villa on the island of Bali.

The Soori resort also offers two top restaurants: beach restaurant Cotta, which emphasizes local cuisine, like Balinese-style grilled barramundi with raw spices.

A view of the one of the restaurants. Picture: Soori Resort Hotel

Then there is Ombak, which showcases Western influences but also whips up exotic dishes like banana dumplings with pandan gel and coconut tuile.

The recently opened Reading Room is a new addition to the Soori that mostly serves very Goopian juices and organic snacks.

So if you feel like vacationing like a Kardashian, why not try the Soori Resort in Bali, Indonesia.