Reporter Tanya Petersen with Survivor South Africa host Nico Panagio at tribal council.
A few months ago I was invited along with a group of journalists to a secret location of the Survivor South Africa Season 6.

A week before the trip, they finally revealed the location - the Philippines - El Nido, to be exact. I have family ties to the Philippines so the opportunity to visit the “homeland” was a spiritual one for me.

After numerous flights, we arrived in Manila. The first thing I noticed was how friendly the people were - and we had not left the airport.

We took another flight to Puerto Princesa and then a six-hour drive to El Nido - the long journey was made sweeter by the local rum with Coke.

The scenery was breathtaking - rural, but tropical and peaceful .

We arrived in El Nido, where I had a dose of my own personal Survivor. On the second day after dinner, I ended up getting sick and had to be treated by the doctors at the Survivor clinic.

Reporter Tanya Peterson travelled to the location of 'Survivor South Africa' Season 6, and it turned out to be quite the adventure.

The next day, I felt fine and enjoyed our time on Lio Beach, which included dinner and some nightlife. The next morning, we were taken on a boat trip to the various islands. We were also treated to a delicious lunch on the beach. I also enjoyed a swim in the clear tropical waters. The night before we were set to leave El Nido for Manila, I fell ill again.

I was treated for a bug at the Survivor clinic . I was told if I was not better by the morning, I would not be able to fly with the rest of the group to Manila.

Even though I didn’t feel better, there was no way I was getting left behind. We flew to Manila and I could barely keep my head up.

I started feeling a bit better during the course of the day, but on one of the excursions, I felt terribly sick and was taken to hospital. They treated my dehydration and stomach bug, but as they administered the Buscopan through a drip, my heart began racing. An ECG was ordered. Turns out I had an allergic reaction to the Buscopan. Hours later, I was discharged and returned to the hotel.

What an experience, but I would visit the Philippines again.