Travellers to Singapore Changi Airport will not be bored. The World's best airport offers a range of activities for travellers. Picture: Instagram.

The worst thing besides a long haul flight in a cramped seat is a layover at an airport that offers little for travellers. Many airports come with a few shops and eateries, but do not offer jet-lagged travellers any other benefits.

Thankfully, if you happen to stumble into Singapore Changi Airport, known as the world’s best airport, a range of activities await you. The airport has four terminals, each with a new experience. Their website offers advice on how travellers can spend their layover.  

Those who have a layover of 2 to 3 hours can shop for duty-free products, marvel at their art installations and capture a few pictures for social media. The experiences heighten if you have a little more layover time to spare.

There is a 24-hour cinema at Terminal 3 or the latest movie screenings on the Fox Movies Premium Channel at Terminal 2. All movies are free. If you are more of a nature person, try taking a walk through their well-kept gardens. Look out for the sunflower, cactus and orchard gardens.

Travelling families will find solace at the Kids World, or at one of their wellness salons. Before you leave, make sure you hear about the Peranakan Love Story, a tale of two young adults set in Singapore in the 1930s.  

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