If you book room no 8 at Business Ryokan Asahi, your every action will be recorded on the hotel’s YouTube channel. Picture: ©SoraNews24.

Travellers are always finding ways to save while on holiday. Some skip on fancy hotels in favour of immersive experiences while others want to save their coin. 

If you do happen to find yourself travelling to Japan, there is a hotel that offers a room for 130 yen (around R17.64) a night. According to the Daily Mail, if you book room no 8 at Business Ryokan Asahi, located in Fukuoka City on Kyushu Island, you will get the room for a knock out price. 

There is one condition: the footage of your stay will be live-streamed on the hotel’s YouTube channel.

The “Big Brother” style room is quite tiny and there are cameras everywhere. 

For guests concerned about being caught naked or being overheard, there is no audio on the live stream and nakedness is not permitted. 

If it gets all too overwhelming- guests can switch the lights off at night for a good night’s sleep. 

Japanese-language reporter Masanuki, who works at Soranews24, decided to see what the hype was about.

According to the publication, he was told on arrival by staff that the camera in his room will be broadcast throughout his stay and that he should not lounge around in his birthday suit. 

The reporter described the accommodation as “a totally normal Japanese-style guestroom.”

The room had tatami reed flooring, a folded futon sleeping mat, a low table, a TV, and a kettle. 

He said in the publication that the room was “clean and well-maintained, it looks like the kind of studio apartment a college student or someone starting their first job out of school might live in Japan.”

The reporter ended up paying for the coin-operated heater/air conditioning unit, which is about 100 yen (R13.55) for two hours.