Bungalows in the French Polynesia islands. Picture: Supplied
Bungalows in the French Polynesia islands. Picture: Supplied

Why French Polynesia should be your next destination

By Mpho Rantao Time of article published Oct 26, 2018

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If you are a Disney fan then I pose this question for you - have you ever wanted to travel to the islands where Moana and the demi-god Maui live?

If your answer is yes, then you should keep reading this article. If your answer is no, you should still read the rest of this article and consider a trip to the French Polynesian islands.

The French Polynesian islands are like siren songs which call to visitors from all over the world to explore their jungles and swim in their clear oceans.

From islands like Bora Bora to Tahiti, French Polynesia is still about as dreamy as reality gets.

The lagoons are just as blue but there are freeways, conservative values, and nine-to-five jobs. It’s not the untainted paradise of explorer lore, but at least there’s an internet connection.

Some of these islands are considered to be the honeymooners’ dream destination, secluded in private bungalows that float over the Pacific Ocean, with the occasional exploration and paddleboat activities.

Here’s what the French Polynesian islands have to offer.

Islands galore

Here’s an interesting fact: there are over 100 islands that comprise of French Polynesia, so there are ample opportunities to explore the islands while you’re on holiday.

Bora Bora, Tahiti, Maupiti, Raiatea and Mo’orea are just some of the islands that are popularly visited by tourists from all over the world.

If you’re not jumping between islands, sunbathing on the white sandy beaches, then having a local guide by your side is a great idea for physical activities like hiking.

Bungalows for all

Bungalows in Bora Bora. Picture: Supplied

Now, let’s not lie to ourselves - a lot of the accommodation that is on display on the internet are those of four and five-star resorts that offer luxury bungalows at a hefty price.

However, the price should be worth it when you look at the exterior and interior of the accommodation on offer.

However, for those who aren’t interested in sleeping in extravagantly-priced bungalows, there are resort lodgings and chalets for families, backpackers or those with a set budget.

No matter the accommodation, you will still get the same magnificent views.


It is a given that if you are having a holiday in French Polynesia, you are bound to participate in a water activity or two.

The activities on offer on the islands are endless - from spotting Eagle rays, grey reef sharks and manta rays while snorkeling in Tiputa Pass, to driving your four-wheel-drive SUV on a safari drive until you reach the Fa'aurumai Valley waterfalls or the Tiarei Arahoho Blow Hole (Tahiti’s biggest roadside attraction), the ideas for water activities are endless.

Paddleboating in Tahiti. Picture: Trip Advisor

The French Polynesia islands are definitely a destination to add to your bucket list of places to visit, as there is so much to see and so much to do.

Although the best times to go are during their peak season between June and August, the French Polynesia islands are a beautiful example of Mother Nature’s gift to humankind.


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