Dome tents at Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia that was created for a client of Black Tomato. Picture: Stéphane Gautronneau.

LONDON-BASED company Black Tomato has created a new camping concept called Blink. It is centred on the creation of temporary accommodation structures that guests can design and have built specifically with their needs and style in mind – whether it’s a family celebrating a very special birthday or honeymooners seeking an experience that will only be theirs to enjoy.

These tailor-made experiences are never repeated by the creators. Kate Warner, the public relations manager for Black Tomato, said Blink allowed people to design their own temporary resort and itinerary in a secluded destination.

“From deserts to glaciers, jungles to lakes, our team of travel experts have hand-picked several stunningly isolated destinations where Blink camps can be set up and guests can explore the surrounding landscapes.

“Once they’ve enjoyed their experience the accommodation will be removed, never to be enjoyed by another client in that way again.

“We’ve created this to ensure that they will be the only ones to stay in this particular setting, with a Blink camp that’s been created for their eyes only. Blink – and you will miss it,” she said.

Warner said Bolivia, Chile, Iceland and Morocco proved to be hits due to their remoteness and stunning landscapes.

What a Blink journey will be like:


Setting: Hornstrandir, the northernmost part of the West Fjords, a part of Iceland that’s rarely visited.

Structure: Igloo-style pop-up tent built to protect you from the elements. Inside they can be decked and made bespoke and decorated with Icelandic furs and skins.

The tents will be located on the water’s edge and guests will only be able to reach them by kayak.

Activities: Sailing, whale watching, seal watching, fishing, hiking, paragliding over the ice, kayaking, skiing (most of the year) or horseback-

riding, and stargazing.

Experts/services: Icelandic stargazing expert and astronomer to spend time at the camp and map out the incredible night skies with guests.

Chefs from some of Reykjavik’s best restaurants to come and cook for guests, and local chefs who specialise in cooking game to cook for guests. Documentary makers to show guests how to document the landscapes. Before they travel to the fjords, guests learn how to knit traditional Icelandic knitwear with a bespoke design. When they arrive they will have a range of their own designs waiting for them at the camp. Blink also can arrange visits from leading geologists to help people understand the fascinating landscapes.

Facilities/comforts: Guests can have access to a local hot spring that only appears at low tide.

Get a Blink-style private spa at the hot spring – only accessible with a local fisherman. Private kayak or sailing expedition to get to the camp site. Bespoke interiors decorated with skins and furs to keep the rustic, yet luxurious atmosphere. Gourmet outdoor kitchen with chefs from all over the country. Luxury amenities tailored to clients’ preferences, including comfortable mattresses, plush fur-lined sleeping bags and pillows, locally made candles, linen, silver and wine glasses.