According to Vogue, the island of Mustique has special meaning for the royal couple. Picture: Instagram

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have taken their family on vacation to celebrate Prince George's sixth birthday. And true to form, they've taken up residence on a private Caribbean island.

According to Vogue, the island of Mustique has special meaning for the royal couple. Before they married, Kate visited the island with her family on regular holidays. Now, she plans to carry on the tradition with her own children.

Chances are many haven't heard of the exclusive private island before now. Below are five fun facts about Mustique.


Mustique lies in the stream of islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines, just a few hundred kilometres west of Barbados.

Island life

Known for its private villas and epic beach parties, the island also enjoys a slower pace of life. Explore at your own speed, from swimming and scuba diving, to sailing and snorkeling with the turtles at nearby Tobago Cays.

It's always sunny

The island's gentle climate and natural beauty of dramatic hilltops and pristine palm fringed beaches has attracted visitors for generations. 


When Spanish sailors first saw the islands in the 15th century, they named them "Los Pájaros" or "the birds", because they resembled a small flock of birds flying across the sea. 

It's a celebrity favourite

According to reports, the islands are a popular hangout for Bryan Adams, Mick Jagger and Jeremy Clarkson.