Phoeby Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page in ’Bridgerton’, the first Shonda Rhimes production to premiere on Netflix. Picture: Liam Daniel/Netflix
Phoeby Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page in ’Bridgerton’, the first Shonda Rhimes production to premiere on Netflix. Picture: Liam Daniel/Netflix

10 travel spots to visit if you are a 'Bridgerton' fan

By Travel Reporter Time of article published Jan 21, 2021

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Swoon-worthy period drama “Bridgerton” is best described as an unexpectedly captivating crossbreed between “Gossip Girl” and “Downton Abbey”, with a refreshing multicultural cast mix to boot.

If you were enticed by the hit Netflix show, Contiki shares some of the “Bridgerton” filming locations and settings.

These include:

The streets of Bath

Although most of “Bridgerton” is set in London in 1813, most of the street scenes were shot 2.5 hours away on the streets of Bath.

The city’s architecture is perfect for the time period of the show. It’s also an amazing town for good food, the arts and natural hot springs.

Rangers House, London

Surprisingly, one of the most prominent sets for “Bridgerton” can be found right in London.

The Bridgerton residence may lack stunning blooms in real life, but you can see it in the flesh at the Ranger’s House. It can now be visited as an art museum.

Wilton House, Salisbury

England has its fair share of 1800s-appropriate architecture to use for filming “Bridgerton” .

To keep scenes authentic to the times, the interior shots proved to be more challenging.

Many of the shots of the characters’ various homes were all filmed inside the Wilton House.

The house dates back to 1544 and is open to the public.

You can visit Wilton House and explore the rooms and grounds for yourself.

Just don’t bother searching the drawers for love letters from Sir George.

Leigh Court, Summerset

The drama-filled balls of “Bridgerton” needed an impressive setting, and they delivered.

Leigh Court served as the perfect filming location for these ballroom scenes.

It’s a popular wedding venue, and brides love to make an entrance down that staircase, just as Daphne did.

Holburne Museum of Art, Bath

“Bridgerton” had its fair share of balls, and many of the ballroom scenes were filmed inside Holburne Museum.

Today, this museum holds an impressive collection of eighteenth-century art.

It was also the filming location for various scenes in Lady Danbury’s home as well.

Royal Crescent, Bath

From the very beginning of the series, Grosvenor Square is named as the epicentre of the “Bridgerton” universe.

Despite the name drop within the first minute, the real square isn’t found in the show.

Bath’s Royal Crescent served as the filming location for many of the characters’ arrivals and departures home.

It’s a beautiful place to walk, whether you call one of the 30 homes on the crescent your own or not.

Hyde Park, London

In addition to wardrobe envy, “Bridgerton” gave us major garden envy.

The stunning English gardens were the backdrop for some of the most emotional moments in the series.

London’s own Hyde Park served as the filming location for many garden scenes in the show. It is a lovely place to plan a romantic picnic.

Hampton Court Palace, Molesey

Only a palace is fit for a queen, and although Buckingham didn’t make any appearances in “Bridgerton” , another royal castle did.

Hampton Court Palace served as the home of King Henry VIII in real life and Queen Charlotte in the series.

The palace is open for visitors and has its own history of scandal to uncover on your visit.

Chatham Dockyard, Kent

If you appreciated the boxing scenes as much as we did, you’ll be inclined to explore this area of Kent, searching for Simon.

The Chatham Dockyard served as the filming location for many of these scenes with the Duke and his friend Will.

They were also the location that Marina is brought to be scared straight by Baroness Featherington.

Castle Howard, York

As things wrap up and our fave couple finally starts their lives together, we’re introduced to their marital crib, Clyvedon.

Castle Howard in York served as the filming location for Clyvedon, and it’s open to the public for visits.

You can explore the beautiful grounds and pray for a rainstorm of your own.

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