The city of St. Petersburg. Picture: Instagram
As the FIFA World Cup commences in Russia, some tourists would like to keep themselves busy with activities that do have any association to football, but there are also the tourists who just want to see what Russia has to offer what they can do to keep them busy during the vacation in the East European nation. 


1. St. Petersburg walking tour: Take a three-hour cultural walking tour exploring the cultural and architectural treasures that St. Petersburg has to offer. Visit buildings like the St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Hermitage Museum, and walk along the Nevsky Prospect before sitting down at a Russian cafe and exploring the nations signature cuisine like beef stroganoff. For information and prices check out the website Viator:

2. Moscow bike tour: Tour the city of Moscow on two wheels for four hours, checking out attractions such as The Red Square, Leo Tolstoy’s estate and St. Vladimir’s statue. The bike tour offers three different routes around the city, with various options of what the tourist wishes to see. Pricing starts at 70 Euros. For more information check out their website: 

3. Hop-on Hop-off Kazan tour: You can tour the city of Kazan using the City Sightseeing company Hop-on Hop-off bus, stopping by tourist attractions like the Cathedral of Apostles Paul and Peter, the Agricultural Palace and the Kazan Kremlin all from the Gabdulla Tukay Square .Check out their website for more information and prices.  
4. Red Valley: If you're into winter wonderland and enjoy winter activities, then perhaps visiting the Red Valley (also known as Krasnaya Polyana) in Sochi is up your alley. Approximately seven hours away from Moscow, the red Valley is a beautiful winter destination that attracts the skiers and snow boaders who want to feel adrenaline in their body even with the summer sun in the sky. Red Valley also boasts an indoor water park, an interesting nightlife scene and paragliding - easy entertainment for all ages. For more information check out this website:


1. Krysha Mira: Immerse yourself in the nightlife that Moscow has to offer by checking out of the electric music dance scenes in the city, like Krysha Mira. Meaning 'Roof of the world' in English, Krysha Mira is a great spot to let loose and enjoy the vibes and atmosphere that this dance scene has to offer, and has a cool view of the river and the city from the rooftop. Check out their website

2. City pub crawl: If you're a fan of exploring and alcohol then the pub crawl would be the ideal choice for you. City pub crawls take place in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and for most of the night, tourists will check out at least four different pubs partaking in drinking games and cultural traits that encompass the pub life of Russia.  

3. Ballet:  What is a tour to Russia without checking out their ballet scene? The country boasts a number of theaters and hall from Moscow, Ekaterinberg and St. Petersburg that stage a number of ballet performances like 'Swan Lake', 'The Nutcracker' or 'Giselle', that is suitable for the entire family. For more information check out this website: