Amsterdam's new mayor wants to change the red light district. AP Photo/Peter Dejong, File

There are plans being made to enforce changes in Amsterdam's popular Red Light District.

The city, under the leadership of it's first female mayor, Femke Halsema has already begun taking steps to attract only “quality tourists” and ban organised tours of the District. 

Halsema has presented a new plan called  “The Future of Window Prostitution in Amsterdam”

The report includes four broad solutions that will presented to Amsterdam’s residents and businesses.

The mayor uses varies examples and offers solutions as well — these include, ending the practice of women standing on display in window-fronted rooms as well as reducing the number of city-centre brothels.

The end goal is to close the brothels and move them to different areas across the city.

Previously, Reuters has called this the “most radical revamp of the sex trade there since the Dutch legalized prostitution nearly two decades ago."

The changes will not be made overnight though and there still needs to be approval from the Amsterdam City Council as well as input from residents.

The result of these changes on the tourism income of the City is also a subject of ongoing public debate.