Sir Geoff Hurst holds an exact replica of the soccer World Cup Jules Rimet trophy as he poses with other veterans of Englands winning 1966 team.

You might think either of the big royal weddings – Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s or Prince William and Kate Middleton’s – would have topped a poll of the most iconic British moments in the last 60 years. Or perhaps the queen’s coronation itself.

But it seems Britons’ minds are on other things when they think of history in the making.

Asked to name their most iconic moment during the queen’s 60-year reign, the resounding answer was the 1966 World Cup and England’s victory – although it’s not known how many Scots voted for this.

The London Eye, which commissioned the survey in celebration of the queen’s jubilee, has taken the answers into account and is ready to indulge in some football fever.

One of the pods of the iconic ferris wheel attraction will be decorated to celebrate the English victory and transport visitors back to the golden moment.

The bespoke capsule will sport a replica of the Jules Rimet Trophy, the team’s gleaming medals and England’s mascot “World Cup Willie”, and visitors to the London Eye until Tuesday will have a chance to experience a rotation inside.

On a more royal note, the London Eye is staging its own street party this weekend, with views across to the Thames Pageant taking place today. – Daily Mail