Does size matter? Micro-hospitality could be the new travel trend



Published Jul 17, 2022


Micro-hospitality has been the talk of the town as it provides travellers with the opportunity to have a luxurious stay overnight just in a smaller setting.

However, it doesn’t change the quality of your stay. This trend is particularly popular among millennials and business travellers.

As we entered the modernisation of the world, somehow things have gotten ‘smaller’, especially with regards to technology. For example, we’ve gone from big box computers to laptops and iPads that we can carry around with ease.

With that being said, the tourism sector has now involved ‘minimalistic’ living as well.

Micro-hotels, according to Saqib Jafri, associate manager at Hotels MENA Region, states that Micro-hotel aims at utilising smaller areas proficiently. In addition, the ‘tiny-houses’ provide smaller rooms with smart designs.

‘’The micro-hotel concept is becoming popular due to changing trends in the travel industry. Travellers, especially the younger generation, are focusing on taking several short vacations rather than a single, long holiday in order to keep a healthy work-life balance,’’ said Jafri.

With that being said, micro-hotels ‘suits the pocket’ due to it being a lot more compact than the average hotel, which is normally 330 square feet whereas a micro-hotel is 140 square feet.

Picture: Maria Orlavo

You may think about how all the necessities fit into something so compact. Well, according to research, a micro-hotel provides guests with various choices in the types of rooms available, such as pod rooms, bunk rooms, single rooms, and even double rooms.

In addition to the fact that the rooms are smaller, It is common for micro hotels to provide better quality beds, space-efficient furniture, and bathrooms with basic toiletries. The majority of micro-hotels also provide guests with aircon, light, and TV with smart technology.

In order to create an illusion of larger space, rooms can typically also include a large window. Picture: Pixels Tiana

The whole idea around the interior design of a micro-hotel is to eliminate ‘heavy’ design, for example, using blinds instead of curtains. It allows the room to appear more spacious.

According to a statement in ‘The Growth of Micro Hotels in North America’, micro hotels are popping up in urban cities. ‘’Branded hotel giants and independent companies alike are looking to expand to North America following the demand evident in Asia and Europe,’’ said Sirinthorn Ramchandani.

Here are 5 Micro Hotels in the world:

The Dean Hotel, Dublin

The Dean Hotel in Dublin aims to offer guests rooms that are cosy and cool. The Dean offers 12.6 sqm pod rooms and bunk rooms, 26 sqm double and twin rooms, 26 sqm rooms with a view, 62 to 70 sqm suites and a 128.3 sqm penthouse.

The majority Micro-hotels provide guest with WIFI and smart TV’s Picture: Pixabay

Nine Hours – Pod Hotel in Japan

This hotel seems a little bit eerie, but it’s good for a quick ‘nine’ hours nap. It’s particularly designed for business travellers. The pod hotel may you give the vibe of a spaceship or your favourite sci-fi movie.

This one is not for those who feel ‘uncomfortable’ in small spaces.

The name of the hotel Pod stems from the idea of a quick overnight sleep, with all the comfort one needs as business travellers sleep for an average of 9 hours before their next trip.

Not to worry, the compact rooms offer their guests with all the amenities, such as a comfortable mattress, pillow, sheets, towels, and other bathroom items. That’s all you need as a business traveller, right?

A look inside a Pod Hotel designed for business travellers Picture: Koichi Kamoshida Getty Images

Crane Hotel Faralda – Amsterdam

This one is for the books! The Crane Hotel Faralda is located in one of the most unusual places, inside a crane.This hotel is considered one of Europe’s unique hotels, of course. The crane hotel provides a sleeping experience you’ll never forget. Be sure you don’t have fear of heights, as the crane is 164 feet high.

The 164 feet high hotel Amsterdam Picture: Michael K Pixabay

Mobile Micro-Hotel, Snoozebox

The name Snoozebox makes you want to take a well-deserved nap, doesn’t it? This unique micro-hotel took it to a whole other level as it was created to provide luxury accommodation during various occasions and events all around Europe. No more tents necessary!

The mobile micro-hotel offers guests a comfortable bed, flat screen TV, air conditioning, a personal safe, free wi-fi, a wet room complete with shower, toilet, towels, and toiletries.

Tubohotel – Rural Mexico

This Pod Hotel is situated in a tranquil setting in Located in Mexico, next to a national park.

The rooms come with queen beds for guests' comfort, under-bed storage space, desk lights, bathroom houses with showers, and toilets. If you’re in the mood for a camping scene, then this is the perfect accommodation.

An example of a Turbohotel, Picture: Instagram

Micro-hotels have made travel a lot more easier, especially for business travellers who are on the go most of the time. It was also created for the millennials, who are able to budget for this kind of travel as it is way more affordable than the norm.

These properties and rooms may provide less, but it still provides high-quality furnishing and amenities, just in a smaller space. Micro-hotels have opened doors to a new way of travelling that allows travellers the same experiences as when you would stay in a ‘normal’ hotel.

There are several micro-hotel brands that have emerged across the globe as now making a name for themselves, whether it may be mobile or in a crane. Surely, we can anticipate more of this trend as businesses become more aware of it.