Maintenance engineer Darren Unsworth polishes the dance floor during the annual spring clean of Blackpool Tower's historic ballroom.

London - You wouldn’t think that Blackpool Tower would have much erotic appeal. The tourist spot largely attracts families with young children and tea-dancing pensioners. But, in the past few weeks, visitors have been stealing mock-medieval shackles and chains from Blackpool Tower Dungeon.

The Dungeon’s management have blamed the thefts on the ‘Fifty Shades’ effect. They suspect readers of the erotic trilogy have been stealing props to re-create the novel’s scenes of bondage and sadomasochism.

Dungeon general manager Garry Blackadder said: “We have noticed an increase in the number of females visiting the torture show. There seems to have been much more pointing and giggling at the props.”

The actors who lead the grisly horror tours have been told to have some handcuffs at the ready — just in case. - Daily Mail