Pavillon des Lettres is a hotel that aims to boost French literature. Picture: Pavillon des Lettres.

There is a hotel in Paris where you are most likely to find a bookworm. At Pavillon des Lettres, the 4-star hotel aims at reviving literature. 

It has 26 rooms, each named after a famous authors, including Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Virginia Woolf. 

Picture: Pavillon des Lettres.

Judging by pictures of the hotel, there is something serene and peaceful about it. 

Nestled in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, the hotel showcases modern furnishings and comfort into one setting. This means that if you are not wandering the streets of Paris, snapping photographs of the Eiffel Tower or sampling some french cuisine, curling up with a book at one of the hotel’s designated areas or your room is always an option. 

According to the Daily Mail, books are placed in shelves next to the bed. When guests arrive, they are asked to fill out forms that help the hotel understanding the reading preference of the guest. 

Picture: Pavillon des Lettres.

By evening, the staff brings you a copy of a book just in time for some bedtime reading. Besides being ‘book heaven’, the hotel is pretty cool. Rooms are kitted out with free WiFi, Molton Brown home products, bathrobe and slippers and a flat screen LCD TV with international channels. 

Picture: Pavillon des Lettres.

The hotel was designed by Didier Benderli. He describes the decor as “the alliance of arts, combining literature, painting and sculpture to create a subtle dialogue between these components.”

On the website, the hotel further reveals: “The concept of colors and materials combines raw materials with silky, sensual materials that create physical sensations in addition to the intellectual pleasure of reading…”

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