'It took a girls’ trip to realise I was miserable in my marriage’

Up, up and away. Picture: Angello Pro/Unsplash

Up, up and away. Picture: Angello Pro/Unsplash

Published Mar 23, 2023


After a 10-day vacation in tranquil Greece, a British mother was inspired to leave her marriage.

The woman and her girlfriends were on a mini vacay for her 40th birthday in May last year.

According to “New York Post” the woman had the epiphany while relaxing by the hotel poolside, she said: “I had a moment of clarity at the hotel that I’d been miserable in my marriage for as long as I could remember.’’

Sounds like a sister wife epiphany to me, let go of the Kody Browns of the world.

Testing the waters. Picture: Drew Dau/Unsplash

“I was having the best time with the girls, and the thought of going back home to my husband was awful,” the woman says. Red flag 101, the absence did not make the heart grow fonder.

She missed her four kids while being away, but she didn’t seem to miss being away from her husband. “I was in the worst shape of my life, and it dawned on me, at home, I was miserable — so I did something about it.”

When she arrived home, she left her husband with immediate effect, shame.

“So when I flew back, I ended it there and then — and I knew I’d made the right decision when I saw his reaction,” she said in a report.

The vacation opened her eyes to the harsh reality of her marriag. However, she believed that this was an opportunity to start over and “revamp” herself.

Not only did she build up the courage to divorce her husband, she took care of her health too, and worked on losing weight, by eating correctly and exercising.

Sis wasn’t holding back. She went from weighing 107kg to 76kg. She managed to gain a new body and a new man, whom she met through Facebook and is happily in love.

Girl’s trip anybody?

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