Zulu Mkhathini and Celeste Khumalo have a blast in Paris. Picture: Andre Caty
Zulu Mkhathini and Celeste Khumalo have a blast in Paris. Picture: Andre Caty

The best of Paris with Celeste Khumalo and Zulu Mkhathini

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Oct 1, 2019

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This is how to live it up in Paris. Actress Celeste Khumalo and musician, TV personality and entrepreneur Zulu Mkhathini went to Angers and Paris for Cointreau’s 170th birthday bash.

Tell us about your recent travels to France? And what did you pack for it? 

CK: I packed two outfits a day for the week that I was in France. My outfits ranged from smart casual to glamorous. I styled my looks so that each photo would also result in a fashion moment.  

ZM: You’ve got to check my Instagram for that but, first and foremost, I always pack pieces from my brand Zulovski. A gentleman always has to look dapper, especially in the city of love and lights.

How was the weather?

CK: We arrived as summer started. For the duration of our stay, the weather was a combination of hot, cold and wet: like an average day in
Cape Town. But apparently, the week after it was scorching hot. The sun also sets very late, at around 11pm.

ZM: The weather was warm and made enjoying a crisp, refreshing Cointreau drink that much tastier. 

Tell us about the food, the culture and the people?

CK: There are lots of restaurants and there is a big food culture. We enjoyed delicious French cuisine at the Cointreau Gala dinner in Angers. The dinner was held inside the distillery, which smelled like oranges. The people we interacted with were very welcoming. 

ZM: They are quite selective about their drinks and stick to their preferences. One thing that stuck out were the portion sizes. They are quite small which, as a Zulu guy, is very different from my culture. 

Celeste Khumalo and Zulu Mkhathini make the most of their time in Paris. Picture: Andre Caty

Please share your fondest memory? 

CK: I saw most of the popular historical sites, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Arc de Triomphe. I walked along the Champs-Élysées and took a luxurious cruise on the Seine.

ZM: Each night was different. There was so much to see and experience. Celebrating my birthday away from my South African friends and family was really different and I truly made the most of it. 

Tell us about your travels prior to your recent trip. Where have you been and which place left an indelible impression on you?

CK: My travels included going to Miami, Bangkok, Koh Samet, Munich, Venice, Vienna, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zanzibar, Zambia and Zimbabwe. I love Dubai because of the big city lights, the rush and the sense of luxury and achievement. 

ZM: That’s a tough one. I have travelled to many places – going abroad is beautiful, travelling is beautiful and I love travelling. Each place comes with a different experience.  

Name the other destinations on your bucket list.

CK: I’m visiting Egypt in a couple of months. 

I love history and the desert and I love to travel to places where there is grand architectural history. But I’m also a big city girl. The rush and air of endless possibility do something to me. 

That’s why I’ve loved Dubai and Bangkok and, recently, Paris. I have dreams to go to New York, LA and Atlanta, as well as London. 

I also want to travel more in Africa and see Kenya, Ghana, Morocco and Nigeria.

ZM: I would love to travel to Tokyo, Egypt, Monaco, oh yes, and LA. I want to live in LA for at least two years. 

What are you currently working on/ busy with? 

CK: My character, Bulelwa Jafta’s storyline on "Generations" is developing and I’m excited about the new challenges she’ll face. 

I’m also getting back into business. We’ll see what the universe has planned for me because it has already surprised me with many amazing career opportunities.

ZM: I’m currently working on my debut album, shooting a TV show and working on my clothing line.  

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