Admiring the view. Picture: Oded David/Instagram

Traveller Oded David gave us a little wanderlust when he posted a video on Instagram showing a sunset from a plunge pool at the Infinity Suites at Dana Villa in Santorini. 

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David, from Israel, shared the minute long clip on the social media platform last month, to the excitement of his fans. 

User @tee.star49 described it as ‘the most amazing room ever ♥️’ while another user, @ashwinsingh89 asked, why they did not reschedule their honeymoon. The same user later commented: ‘definitely at the top of our bucket list 😉…’

The clip sees David entering a room filled with white decor elements, towards the bathroom where he reveals the plunge pool. 

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 The setting can be described as romantic. David walks to his wife, Rachel, who is enjoying a glass of champagne as she views the sunset. 

In later posts by David, he is seen with a champagne glass, as he admires the stunning view. Rachel then accompanies him as the day’s sunset fades in the background. 

 The Infinity Villa can accommodate 6 guests. The Villa has been designed for maximum privacy. The villa divides in two so every guest can have their own privacy. The villa features two steam hammam, LED rain showers in every shower room and uses state of the art technology.