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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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The Ricketts on spending R9 to use the restroom - and other travel tips - while on a workation in Europe

Jarrad Ricketts and his wife Kim-Lee Ricketts are on holiday in Europe. Picture: Supplied

Jarrad Ricketts and his wife Kim-Lee Ricketts are on holiday in Europe. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 12, 2022


R&B singer and Sama nominee Jarrad Ricketts and his wife Kim-Lee Ricketts have recently embarked on their European summer tour.

Kim has been invited to present her PhD to various universities within Europe and Jarrad will be performing in Germany and Paris, making the visit for both work and pleasure.

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IOL Travel got a glimpse into the couple’s first trip abroad together as Jarrad and Kim shared their list of do’s and don'ts, built along their journey .

Jarrad Ricketts and his wife Kim-Lee Ricketts on holiday in Europe. Picture: Supplied

The couple are visiting Amsterdam and Maastricht in the Netherlands, Paris in France, Berlin, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Marburg in Germany, Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Brugge, Leuven in Belgium and ending off at Mallorca island in Spain.

Kim said: “We finally get to explore new and exciting places together.”

“Getting the opportunity to travel to different places is something we have always wanted to do”.

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The “Paradise” hitmaker added: “Now that so many people are considering travel, we thought it would be awesome to share some of the things we have learnt along the way, some things we knew, but so many other things we wish we had known before we jetted off.

“The first point of call for anyone who wants to travel is to make sure you leave room in your budget for any change of plans or unforeseen circumstances that may arise.”

He continued: “Rather work with ‘ballpark’ figures. This is so important because the exchange rate can be quite tricky from ZAR to EURO, with constant fluctuations.

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“This can all add up and can definitely add quite a dent when consolidating expenses. If you are looking to have a lavish holiday, rather give yourself a kinder period of time to save money, in this way you’re not biting the bullet abroad and can be a lot more spontaneous when you explore your holiday destination.”

The couple, who will be celebrating their two year wedding anniversary this September, says the trip also serves as a honeymoon, as getting hitched during a pandemic meant none of that for the pair.

Known for their passion for fashion, the Ricketts were not going to let the opportunity to dress up pass them by.

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The couple had a special outfit planned for each destination.

Jarrad says: “Of course, going to Europe in summer… it’s all about being effortless, simplistic and stylish. We decided to pack according to the journey.

“We are moving around quite a bit so I found that a tailored shorts, white t-shirt with a light unbuttoned cotton shirt became the easiest way to be comfortable while in transit, but still stylish enough to go out to a restaurant, etc.

“We chose interchangeable pieces, looking at which items can be used more than once to make it easier while packing, but also taking a very casual look and elevating it into a smarter evening look by changing just one item of clothing.”

Jarrad said he was surprised to find a toilet in the Netherlands which cost him €0,50 to use. “R9 to pee? I have all the receipts, basically liquid gold,” he jokes.

Ticket for using the bathroom in Netherlands. Picture: Supplied

When choosing your countries of choice and accommodation, it is so important to not only compare prices of various hotels and B&Bs to make sure you get the best deal, but it is also so important to take location into consideration.

This is where you can really maximise your time to make sure you spend less time commuting, and more time enjoying the destination.

He added: “If you end up staying too far away from central locations, your experience can be limited due to public transportation schedules that may cut your time short.

“If you’re a budget traveller you are in luck, because food franchises like KFC, McDonalds and Nando’s are international, and you can end up purchasing a meal for as little as €1. You can really stretch your budget, and focus your spending on experiences.”

Jarrad Ricketts and his wife Kim-Lee Ricketts on holiday in Europe. Picture: Supplied

Elements such as bad weather changes, road closures, getting lost in a foreign country and more hurdles could not dampen their spirits as they journeyed on swiftly.

The couple will return home at the end of July.