Top 3 must-visit places in Greece

By Travel reporter Time of article published Jul 17, 2018

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Between the cities of Athens, Crete and Santorini, Greece is a plethora of destinations that are made for travellers. The cosmopolitan vibes of the Mediterranean nation draw hundreds of tourists to its cities whether they come to check out Greece’s history, their vast culture or experience the nightlife. 

From the old white monastery dedicated to St. John on the island of Patmos, to the pristine white island of Milos and the to
the vibrant cities of Thessaloniki and Therasia - the cities and islands of Greece show that the country has so much to offer other than the most popular cities of Athens or Mykonos. Here are three destinations in Greece that can set your travelling wanderlust abuzz. 

1. Corfu 

Known to its locals as the 'Iron Lady of the Ionian Islands', the laid-back island is a perfect destination for travellers who enjoy relaxing while on vacation but also taking an interest in what attractions Corfu has to offer. 
Tourist development is quarantined on certain coastal patches, and once inland you really seem to be on another island, even another era. The island boasts waterparks, riding stables, scuba centres (at Paleokastrítsa, Aharávi and Nissáki), old castles to glamorous mansions, sleepy villages to explore, and hiking.

Tourists are spoiled for choice when picking which beaches to visit, museums to tour and activities to keep tourists busy. One interesting place to check out on the island is the Venetian-era village of Paleá Períthia, where tourists can follow trails around the 14th-century village, summit Mount Pandokrátor and have a drink at one of the village's many taverns. 

The island of Corfu. Picture: Supplied

2. Therasia

The sister island to Santorini, Therasia is a cosmopolitan island that holds a history of what Santorini may have looked many centuries ago. The island was separated from the rest of the Greek land in 17th B.C. after a volcanic eruption that occurred on the island. The volcano is now dormant, but tourists still travel to check it out in the centre of the island. 

Tourists who visit the island get a strong sense of stepping back in time, to an era when the countryside was used for farming, public transport and water supply systems were not taken for granted and sustainable development (a necessity linked to a bygone cycle of life) was not the latest buzzword in agriculture.

Tourists who visit the island for the day, are encouraged to have a meal at the Korfos harbour and explore the harbour's mini market. 

Two of the spots of interest on the island is the deserted, tiny town of Kera - a community of buildings that are carved into rocks that overlook the sea. The other spot of interest is south of the Cape of Trypiti, where travellers will get to see the Monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.

The Korfos Harbour, Therasia. Picture: Real Easy/Tuillo Valenta

3. Mykonos

Mykonos is more than a social island that is known for parties and relaxing on yachts, the Mediterranean island has so much to offer beyond its coastal pleasures. 

Situated in the heart of Cyclades, the famous island gained its name from Greek God Apollo's grandson Mykonos, which makes sense why the island is popular with tourists. The island has various attractions which are made for families, students, couples and tour groups who want to see the cosmopolitan or the simple side of Mykonos. 

Travellers can explore the island's capital town of Hóra (aka Mykonos Town), soak up the sun and delight in Greek cuisine by the waterfront, go snorkelling, visit the town of Little Venice, or relax and get sun-kissed on the beach. 

When visiting the island around July and August, Mykonos is bustling with parties and festivals that are bound to keep travellers occupied. 

The coast of Mykonos, Greece. Picture: Supplied

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