A still of a plane landing at Skiathos Airport in Greece. Picture: Youtube

Hundreds of tourists set up their cameras or hold their smartphones firmly in their hands in the hope of capturing the perfect picture of a plane landing at Skiathos Airport in Greece.  

A video posted by Cargospotter reveals what extents travellers to Skiathos island go to get an “instaworthy” snap. 

It is a compilation of flight takeoffs and landings filmed on the Greek island.  

Cargospotter revealed that airplanes had to fly over a street right behind the runway to land on the Greek island. 

It revealed that only small to mid-size airplanes (not exceeding the weight and size of a Boeing 757-200) are allowed to approach this airport. 

Enthusiastic tourists film at their own risk. There is a sign that states: “Danger. Please keep away from aircraft blast.” 

The vlogger likened it to Sint Maarten, a European country famed for plane spotting. There, travellers go to Maho Beach where they watch the planes descend. 

He posted, “In my opinion, Skiathos is even better than St. Maarten because the planes have to surpass the street behind the runway even lower than in SXM. The runway at Skiathos is much shorter than in St. Maarten.” (sic)