Works of art are created by Welsch sand muralist Marc Treanor.
Works of art are created by Welsch sand muralist Marc Treanor.

WATCH: The mysterious sand art appearing on Britain's beaches

By Sarene Kloren Time of article published Oct 9, 2018

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Mysterious and beautiful designs of sand art have been appearing on the sandy beaches along the Welsh Pembrokeshire Coast in Britain.
Unlike crop circles that appeared that appeared in corn and wheat fields in the mid-1980’s, there is no secret as to how these intricate designs have been created.

These works of art are created by local sand muralist Marc Treanor.

Inspired by crop circles, Treanor creates intricate patterns by raking the wet sand. When he's finished, Treanor watches as his hard work disappears as the tide rises and it is consumed by the ocean.

Social media has been buzzing about the creations:

Treanor says there are three key steps to creating the perfect sand mural:

Phase 1: Sketching out the pattern on paper.
Phase 2: Heading down to the beach, rake in hand, and getting started on the creation process.
When the raking's complete, it's time for phase 3:
Treanor and his team - sometimes friends, sometimes strangers who've just happened to pass by - watch as the art disappears.

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