The Skógafoss waterfalls, Iceland. Picture: Instagram
Iceland is a country with a wide array of beautiful natural scenery, from the black sand beach in Reynisfjara, the blue lagoon, to the Gullfoss waterfalls and geyser hot springs - Iceland is just full natural beauty as seen in this week's Instagram photo. 

Based in the south of Iceland, the Skógafoss waterfalls are impressive as they are one of the biggest waterfalls in the Scandinavian country, with a plunge of 60m and a width of 25m. Visitors are able to walk right up to the falls but must be prepared to get drenched by the falls, and are also able to see either a single or double rainbow above the waterfalls due to the constant spray of water. The waterfalls are approximately five kilometres from the coastal town of Skógar.

The Skógafoss waterfalls is one of many waterfalls that have been discovered in Iceland. The Scandinavian country hosts a total of 10 000 waterfalls located across its land, as its climate is suited for waterfalls due to the constant pours of rain and snow, combined with the melting of glaciers during the summer.
This week's Instagram photo was taken by Croatian photographer Fedja Salihbasic.

According to Icelandic legend, the Skógafoss waterfalls are also popular because of a folklore that a viking - named Þrasi Þórólfsson - buried treasure in a cave behind the waterfall. 

The legend continued that the locals of Skógafoss found the chest years later, but were only able to grasp the ring on the side of the chest before it disappeared again. The ring is currently being held in the Skógar museum in Skógafoss .