Looking for an immersive travel experience? Try Secret Sunrise

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jan 16, 2020

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With innovative and exciting activities at a destination being a rare find sometimes, most travellers opt for traditional attractions to enhance their social media feeds while others try to tick as many places off their bucket list before they depart a destination. 

While scrolling through my Instagram page, I came across a video of a group of people dancing on Mount Batur. Fascinated, I watched on. 

With the backdrop of some of the most dramatic views of Bali in Indonesia, the group continued to whip out their dance moves. As I scrolled through other videos on the Secret Sunrise Global page, I discovered that the silent guided dance and meditation session attracts hundreds of locals and travellers in various locations around the world. 

Sessions take place once or twice a month in Amsterdam, Bali, Cape Town, Durban, Garden Route, Eastern Cape, Harare, Johannesburg, Mauritius, Munich, Ibiza, London, Lowveld and Thailand. It could happen anywhere: the London Eye in London, Table Mountain in Cape Town or the Drakensberg in KwaZulu-Natal. 

Grant Ross, Head of Global Community Development & Operations for Secret Sunrise said it all started in a studio in Cape Town in 2016. From there, the sessions grew to other parts of South Africa before it dominated some places in Africa and eventually other parts of the world. 

The group hopes to add more destinations this year. The movement has also gotten the attention of travellers as it offers an immersive experience for those exploring their city or another destination entirely. 

So, how does Secret Sunrise work? 

Headsets are handed to guests on arrival. Once you slip them on, facilitators will guide you through a series of music in various genres. 

Ross said public sessions encompass a variety of mindful practices, including meditation, breathwork, movement and dance.

“Each session is unique and often curated according to a theme. Some people love to dress up, and show up wearing tutu’s, bright clothing or those stranger items you can find at the back of your closet that doesn’t quite match with anything else,” he said. 

Ross explained the aim is to bring people together. According to him, it is a great way for travellers to explore a place. 

He said it offered them immersive experiences and allowed them to connect with the locals, learn about the destination, relax and have fun. 

Visit www.secretsunrise.com

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