A new luxury resort opening at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida boasts air-conditioned suites with televisions and a water park, but this resort is a bit different - it's for dogs and cats.

The new Best Friends Pet Care Resort has more than 4 600 square metres of indoor and outdoor space with runs, play areas, and room to accommodate up to 270 dogs and 30 cats overnight as as well as "pocket pets" like hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets.

But for animals who enjoy their creature comforts it also offers four VIP suites with TVs, raised bedding and private outdoor yards, a 121 square metres "canines only" water park, a grooming salon, orthopaedic bedding, and treats such as ice cream and tuna on a cracker.

"Our goal is to ensure that pets staying with us have a fun, action-packed vacation - just like their families vacationing at Walt Disney World," Dennis Dolan, President and CEO of Best Friends Pet Care, said in a statement.

Best Friends Pet Care, founded in 1991, runs more than 40 pet care centres in 18 US states as well as five boarding kennels at Walt Disney World Resort, which will be phased out with the opening of the new pet resort. - Reuters