From concierge services to specialised room service offerings, hotels are doing the most when it comes to a bit of frisky fun behind closed doors. Picture: Instagram

Hotels across the US are taking the "do not disturb" sign literally. They're now offering room service menus of an adult kind. Because no sex is better than holiday sex - or so we've heard.

From concierge services to specialised room service offerings, these establishments are doing the most when it comes to a bit of frisky fun behind closed doors.

The Drake Hotel, Toronto

Called the Pleasure Menu, the add-on forms part of the hotel's "By special request" package. The menu contains an assortment of pleasure toys, including feathers, bondage tape, Tenga Eggs and silk blindfolds. All guests have to do is email their requests to the front desk.

Liberty Inn, New York City

This hotel is all about the experience. Liberty Inn caters for couples seeking to spend some special time together in a romantic setting - be it just for a few hours or the whole night. Room features include mood lighting, candles, expandable mirrors and a two-person Jacuzzi.

Artisan Hotel, Las Vegas

Unique would be the best way to describe the Artisan Hotel. The eclectic mix of erotic art, combined with the dark wooden furniture gives it an almost sex party atmosphere. "The hotel is aimed towards the sexually adventurous - some room packages provide extras such as copies of the Kama Sutra and so-called Intimacy Love Kits, while porn stars regularly perform karaoke for guests," content contributor wrote on Huffington Post.

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1 Hotel West Hollywood

Men'sHealth writer Sarah Fielding was equal parts surprised and intrigued when checking into her room at the Hollywood hotel. One of the offerings in the mini bar was a sex kit. "We're talking couple's vibrating cock ring, small multi-speed vibrator, two premium condoms, and lube, all for $35," she wrote.