Eric Steinschneider and his son Kaylen.

Durban – It is often said that every day should be Father’s Day, but a day is set aside each year to recognise the pivotal roles fathers played.

Today is a special day for the Steinschneider-Naicker family because dad Eric will celebrate their first Father’s Day in South Africa with his year-old son, Kaylen, and wife, Badshavellie.

The family travelled from their Tucson, Arizona home in the US to be with Badsha’s Chatsworth family. However, the visit is extra special for her husband, who is a professor of religious studies at the University of Arizona.

“It is a pleasure and an honour spending Father’s Day with my wife’s family in Durban. I feel very fortunate and grateful to share in this special opportunity where Kaylen gets to experience his South African roots and his Indian heritage."

Steinschneider added: “Seeing my son laugh or smile is one of the biggest rewards for me as his dad, and I love watching him grow.

“My role models when growing up were my dad, Mitchell, as well as my grandfather Alfred. I feel they have instilled values in me that I hope to pass down to my son."

Steinschneider encouraged the fathers of South Africa to spend the day with their children as such moments were priceless.

He said: “Every father-child relationship is different and it is a very personal experience."

The family hopes to spend the day on the beach and visiting relatives.

Kaylen already has a taste for adventure.

His mother, Badsha Naicker, who is an avid traveller and elementary teacher is keen to encourage his curiosity and imagination.