Initially, Peone told The Washington Post: "I have never flown on a true private jet." Picture:

New York-based director Vincent Peone received instant online fame after he chronicled his "private jet" experience while on a recent Delta flight. His video went instantly viral with over 2 million views.

But now Delta Airlines claim Peone didn't actually fly on the plane. In fact, the plane didn't even take off, reported ABC News. According to the airline, it did taxi to the runway, but had to return to the gate due to a mechanical issue. 

It took about 40 minutes to solve, but when the plane did take off, it didn't contain any passengers and was "completely empty," according to a Delta spokesperson.

Initially, Peone told The Washington Post: "I have never flown on a true private jet."

"But I have filmed on them before; I’ve physically been on them, but they were grounded. I think you should end the story with an invitation to a private jet for me. Invite anyone to actually fly me private."

But here's where things get a little murky. The viral video Peone had posted involved crew members from Delta's regional carrier, SkyWest, which operates flights on behalf of Delta, American, United, and Alaska airlines.

SkyWest confirmed to ABC News that Peone did not fly on the plane - this after Delta initially responded to his video on Twitter saying that it looked like "an awesome experience!" 

Confused? So are we. ABC reported that Peone could not be immediately reached for comment.