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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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WATCH: Airbnb host goes viral on TikTok for ripping reviews to shreds

Picture: File.

Picture: File.

Published Mar 10, 2022


TikToker, Kylie Miner went viral after reading an Airbnb host's caustic comments to guest reviews.

Terry, the superhost in question, runs a vintage-inspired cottage outside Tampa, Florida. While planning her trip to the Sunshine State, the 30-year-old training consultant from Minneapolis, came across the goldmine of viral-video content on Airbnb.

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In an interview with The Post, she shared: “It looked cute, it looked spunky and it was cheap. But then I went into the reviews and lost my s – – t. I spent all night reading every single one.”

A guest named Becky shared a review in February 2021: “The whole cottage could use a bit of sprucing up. That said we couldn’t beat the cost and we were happy with our stay.”

Despite the constructive criticism and positive comments, Terry was ready to defend her cottage with all she had. “This guest wouldn’t know anything about sprucing any home up! They left my sweet vintage clean cottage so dirty it was ridiculous! Very destructive and disrespectful of the home.”

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Terry's retorts were also hurled at another visitor, Juanita, who was even forbidden from returning for a future stay. “Cute cottage. Hard to find parking,” Juanita shared in May 2021, rating the entire experience only three stars.

“Three stars are you serious too bad I gave her a good review,” Terry responded. “Unbelievable how these people don’t mention a word about anything for an explanation of circumstances… She’s not welcome back. I consider this lying.”

Miner's videos of Terry posts have amassed more than 150 000 views, helping her follower count grow by hundreds.

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With many follow-up videos on the host, Miner told The Post: “Terry keeps giving me this content, how could I not (keep making videos)?”

A mom with four children wasn’t safe from Terry’s wrath. She shared the following review: “Terry communicated right away prior to and during our stay,” Kasi, who rented the cottage in December 2020, complimented the host. “We enjoyed our stay… The place was a little small but worked well since my 4 children are smaller.”

To which Terry responded, “Lots of extra cleaning and food all over the floor with four small children,” Terry responded, prompting commentary from Miner for insulting the family.

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At the time of publication, Terry has yet to respond to the media’s request for comment. However, Miner will keep her TikTok fans updated on the Terry front.

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