Offered by Get Up and Go Kayaking in Florida, adventurists get to see a range of wildlife. Picture: Get Up and Go Kayaking.

If you are one of those people who shy away from kayaking because you are afraid of what lurks below, then you should try a clear kayak.

In Florida, adventurists get to see a range of wildlife including fish, turtles, birds and otters during their adventure. Alligator tours are offered during some parts of the year.

The organisers claim that the experience will “leave you speechless.”

Perfect for the Gram, the activity has received 300 five-star reviews so guests can paddle with ease through the crystalline waters of Rainbow Springs

Friends Nikki and Kristina on their Tripping with my BFF YouTube page shared their experience.

“The springs are basically a natural lazy river. Although we were kayaking at a slower pace, we were paddling upstream, against the current, so it did take a little bit of muscle to keep up with the group,” the duo said on their blog.

Along the journey, they manoeuvred a few trees and made friends with a turtle.