Passengers synchronise their disembark from plane. Pexels
Passengers synchronise their disembark from plane. Pexels

WATCH: Now this is the proper way to disembark from a plane

By Nathan Adams Time of article published Aug 16, 2019

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We've all been there, stuck half way between our seat and the aisle of the plane, trying to squeeze our way past a fellow passenger to disembark.

This was not the case on this WestJet charter flight from Fort McMurray in Alberta to Calgary International Airport recently.

Every single passenger patiently waited their turn in what look like a synchronised effort to disembark.

A video posted by the flight attendant on board, Louise Vadeboncoeur, has since gone viral on Instagram and Twitter

Vadeboncoeur has even been doing interviews about the disembarkation she witnessed and captured.

In an interview with CNN she said that all of the passengers were frequent flyers and none of them had children or babies with them

She added: Even though they fly often back and forth, it still doesn't explain how they manage to all know that this would be the perfect way to deplane in a perfect world."

Vadeboncoeur has 12 years of flight experience and admitted in the interview that getting off a flight in an orderly fashion is something left to the passengers and the airline crew are not really trained or told about rules.

Beyond the final words from the flight crew once a plane lands and the offer to assist anyone who stays in their seat, the flight attendants just stand by and watch as passengers clamber to get to the nearest exit.

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