SA celeb Nico Panagio shares his trip to Greece. Picture: Instagram.

Survivor South Africa host Nico Panagio gave his Instagram fans a sneak peek into his holiday in Mykonos, Greece.

The 45-year-old presenter went on a road trip to explore his father’s heritage earlier this month.

As his wife, Christi Panagio, was not able to make the trip, Panagio said on Instagram that he drank a Mythos, a Greek beer, everytime he missed her.

Panagio visited Peloponnese mountains where his Greek side of the family lived.  

He said his father was raised in a small mountain village and was a shepherd as a child.

He said on Instagram that his father was raised in a small mountain village and a shepherd as a child. During the trip, he paid a visit to his 93-year-old aunt in Lygia and a run in an Olive Orchard at his cousin’s hotel. Then he was off to Lulu’s Bakery and Deli in Paka that reminded him of his late mother.

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.found a deli in #plaka with my mama's name! She passed away a decade ago but I still see her smile when I close my eyes and feel that bear hug, smell her subtle perfume. She was a special one. Loorita (Lulu) Van Niewenhuizen. Years ago when the Greek family heard my pop is coming home with the Afrikaans girl he married they freaked! What? What's wrong with the Greek girls? My pop didn't care, it was love at first sight so he shrugged it off. But Lulu was adamant to make an impression... She bought a Greek language course on a set of vinyl 45's and spent months learning the lingo (we still have her notebooks in that small beautiful, very neat handwriting!). When she arrived in Athens and began the tour of family homes of brothers cousins and aunts, the news of this Afrikaniki girl spread like wildfire. 'She can speak Greek and cooks Greek food!' Within moments of meeting her everyone understood exactly what had happened to my pop. Nikos was absolved of his indiscretion, this Afrikaanse meisie was indeed very special. Last week in Greece, my pop and I paid a visit to his aging sister Dimitra who is pushing 93 now (still walking around albeit struggling to see and hear) the first person she asked about was my mama... My dad and his sis spoke for hours and he says, somehow the stories kept coming back to memories of Lulu. I married a girl as awesome as my mom. @christi.panagio joined me in Greece a few years ago and the same ripple effect passed through the family grapevine. These boere meisies are the bomb! We're still working on the Greek (both of us) but the legendary awesome Afrikaans girl rep lives on through my gorgeous wifey. They say a wise man marries a girl like his mama, if you had a mom like mine, you're one lucky fella cos Christi gives Lulu a run for her money, I'm a wealthy man! Lulu's determination, courage and incredible Zest for life inspires us all to this day. She always encouraged us to squeeze every bit of joy out of each day. Money was merely a means and she found a way to be happy in all financial seasons because to her 'wealth' was realizing that its relationships that make you rich and Life is now...

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“She passed away a decade ago, but I still see her smile when I close my eyes and feel that bear hug, smell her subtle perfume,” he wrote. Once at Mykonos, the South African personality shared images of the area, including its churches and windmills. He even got time to visit Cine Manto Mykonos, an open-air cinema under the stars with an all-day cafe.

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#LittleVenice pretty even in the wind.

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Panagio joked about breaking the bank.

“Each day I had to choose between food or coffee cos.... €€€€€?! I chose coffee every time of course... Except for the days when there was Souvlaki then I chose that, which essentially was every day so I had coffee and souvlaki every day, also beer.” (sic).