Mandela Gardens, Leeds
It’s not only in South Africa that places are named after Nelson Mandela – there are numerous streets, bridges, buildings, statues and monuments around the world honour him.
In Italy,  the  province  of   Rome, northeast of the Italian capital,  there is a municipality  named Mandela.  

With the help of the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, we bring you a  list of some of the places where Mandela’s name can be found.

The Netherlands cities of Purmerend, Zoetermeer, Utrecht and Arnhem, all have  Mandela Bridges and Culemborg has a Mandela Road 

St Lucia, in the Caribbean has  Nelson Mandela Drive, in  Paris, France, pedestrians can stroll along  the Avenue du President Nelson Mandela and in  Caracas, Venezuela there is a  Nelson Mandela Boulevard.

Dakar in Senegal boasts Avenue Nelson Mandela, and  Glamorgan, Harlow and Falkirk in the UK  have Mandela   Avenues  
The UK has several versions of Mandela Close and Mandela Way and  there is a Mandela Highway leading into Kingston, Jamaica. 
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, have the grandly-designated  Nelson Mandela Highway Road.

 A few cities have named stadiums after Mandela;   Port Louis - Mauritius;  Kampala - Uganda; and Torrevieja - Spain.

Parks and gardens:
The Mandela Garden in Leeds, UK, the Nelson Mandela ornamental garden  in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire, UK, the Nelson Mandela Park in Montreal, Canada,   and Mandela Park in Hoorn, Netherlands.

Cafe Mandela in  Copenhagen, Denmark, the Mandela Bar at Bristol University, or Madiba Restaurant in  New York.

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