Prime Circle's lead singer Ross Learmonth shares his travel memories.

Prime Circle's lead singer, Ross Learmonth, has just returned from Europe where the band  enjoyed sold-out shows promoting their 7th album, If You Don't You Never Will. He talks about his travel memories. 

First holiday memory?
My first holiday memory is of the Holiday Inn. I remember seeing the brand on a bar of soap. The Jungle Book was showing at the movies and we went to watch it while visiting the city. I think this was circa 1994.

Favourite place in SA?

Like most people I love Cape Town, it is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. Great memories both professionally and personal. Who can say that they have performed in the middle of Kirstenbosch Gardens or played looking out into the Atlantic Ocean!

Best holiday?

The last holiday was the best. A friend of mine rented a house on Bakoven beach for a month. We had just finished the tour and I moved in and just had the best time, non stop parties and just time to relax. Some really good stories came out of that house.

What have you learnt from your travels?

To name just a few things: how to pack, how to drink in many different languages, how to get lost, how to be a good travel companion. I am a nomad, I love to travel.

SA’s award-winning rock band feasting on their travels.

Ideal travelling companion?

A friend who can handle all kinds of terrible things and still be there for the journey. Bad hotels, showers, delayed or cancelled flights and yet is still able to keep their wits about them without complaining.

Beach bum, culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

It depends on the day and if it involves heights. That said, not an adrenalin junkie; street art and music festivals so culture vulture. When in Cape Town, I’m a beach bum.

Greatest travel luxury?

Headphones, listening to music in different cities makes your hear it differently and makes the experience even better. For example, Nine Inch Nails in the suburbs of SA vs Nine Inch Nails in the bustling city of London or LA changes the way you see the hustle and bustle and what the band really is about; or Radiohead on a train ride through Scotland. I always have a soundtrack to my life.

Prime Circle playing tourist in Australia.

Holiday reading?

Roald Dahl. I’ve always been a big fan. His books makes you feel that sense of excitement and wonder. I also always enjoy biographies as well

Where has seduced you?

I was seduced in Paris, but that’s another story. Austria is amazing, the beauty there is awe inspiring. Spain was passion, food and celebration like I’d never experienced and Italy stole a bit of my soul.

Worst travel experience?

I was bitten by, I think, a million fleas while I was in a horrible hotel in London. My skin reacted so badly I had to stand under piping hot water just to feel relief from the itch. Worst few days recovering from that.

Favourite walk, swim, ride or drive?

Anywhere there is a forest; Germany is full of amazing forests where you can walk for hours without seeing a soul, just being in nature seems to balance the mind and soul.

Best meal abroad?

It’s nice to try the local dishes, pizza in Italy, eisbein in Germany. But, to be honest, nothing I have had so far compares to the food in South Africa. We seem to perfect all the dishes of the world.

Favourite city?

Los Angeles, I haven’t spent as much time as I would have liked in LA, but the band culture and nightlife was incredible.

Where to next?

We are looking at heading back to Australia, hopefully later this year.