Reasons why you should travel the world. PICTURE: Supplied

This the season to travel and explore new destinations all around the world!

Travelling is amazing in many ways and will change the way you view the world.

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“Before I die, my only wish is to see the world and explore destinations beyond the South African border. To be awaken with the sense of wanderlust and thrive on the experiences of meeting new people, tasting unique cuisine and living each moment fully aware of my surroundings.

Although I’ve yet to travel I feel compiled to inspire you to do so by sharing 10 amazing benefits of travelling – making your choice to finally pack you bag and walk out the door a bit easier…’’

1. New sense of purpose.

What to invest in yourself? Travel…

Travelling allows you to be exposed to new cultures, lifestyles and traditions thus in turn alters your perception of the world we live in.

With an element of newness in your life you’d often find yourself reflecting and questioning the choices you’ve made throughout your life. This often encourages people to find a new purpose for their lives.

2. You become appreciative.

Travelling allows you to spend time away from home and sometimes you might travel to a country, where daily luxuries like water and electricity are a scarce resource and you learn to appreciate the little you do have.

3. Home isn’t always where the heart is…

The more you travel, the more you realize that your home is much more than your postal address. When you travel you become a part of something bigger then yourself. You form part global community and you live life with a sense of connectedness to the people you meet.

4. Maybe you don’t know it all!

Many people have a negative view on travelling. Some think it’s too expensive while others think it’s too dangerous and aren’t willing to take the leap of faith. Although some of these concerns are justified you’d be surprise to learn that you actually save more on your lifestyle expenses travelling the world than you would living at home.

You may also be surprise at how kind and friendly strangers can be.

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5. Life is but a gift…

Life is a wonderful gift.

It really is – travelling and sharing in new experiences often fills you with gratitude and appreciation for all the beautiful moments you are fortunate to share with those around you. You also learn to appreciate the beautiful world we live in and it’s natural wonders.

Rather than saying “I wish I had”, live so you can say “I’m glad I did”…