Local celebrities like Tumi Morake, David Goliath and Christopher Jaftha shares their holiday plans with IOL Travel. Picture: Shelley Kjonstad.

Gert-Johan Coetzee, celeb fashion designer 

Where: Gert-Johan Coetzee and his husband, Vicky Visagie, will visit three countries this summer. The journey starts in Mauritius, followed by two nights in Singapore and 10 days in Bali. 

Why: He described Bali as a bucketlist destination. “Bali is home to some of the best beaches and offers incredible spiritual energy. We look forward to explore the temples and to get some R&R,” he said. 

On his itinerary: Coetzee will have Christmas dinner at a restaurant in the “electric trees” in Gardens by the Bay and drinks at the architectural wonder of The Marina Bay Sands, both in Singapore. There’s a mixture of urban fun, cultural excursions and beach fun planned for Bali. 

Donovan Goliath, comedian and TV presenter 

Where: Donovan Goliath is going to spend his holiday at his family’s home in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. 

Why: Not only is it a perfect getaway for him, he also gets to spend time with his parents. 

On his itinerary: The comedian said that in between all the family festivities he would be fishing with his dad at sea. “I become the chauffeur for my parents when I’m home. I love it. Braaing and cooking with a beer in hand and having long conversations with my family is the perfect way to spend a holiday.” 

Tumi Morake, actress 

Where: Tumi Morake will visit Lesotho, also known as the Mountain Kingdom or Kingdom in the Sky. 

Why: The And Then Mama Said author wants to get away from the hustle and bustle after a busy year. She will use the time to catch up with family. 

On her itinerary: Morake plans to hike, ride horses, swim and enjoy some live music at a few local spots. 

David Tlale, celeb fashion designer 

Where: David Tlale will be in Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos. 

Why: Tlale described Lagos as one of Africa’s most exciting cities. “Lagos is renowned for its exciting attractions, Owambe parties, the markets and its beautiful beaches. The lifestyle in Lagos is like no other. Most of my friends are there, and it’s a good opportunity to build business relations,” he said. 

On his itinerary: He hopes to tuck into some of the country’s cuisine and get a little R&R. “I am always excited to try out the food at the destinations I visit. My love of exotic food nearly trumps my love for fashion. “The most important thing is to have an unforgettable time and connect with new people whenever I travel,” he said. 

Christopher Jaftha, TV personality 

Where: Christopher Jaftha is ditching an international trip for a Cape Town summer. 

Why: Jaftha loves Cape Town in summer. He said the weather was good and there was more time to explore with the sun setting later in the day. “Cape Town is great during summer. I will be in the city for some business engagements. However, I will be making some time for a little pleasure. Cape Town’s energy is magnificent during this time of the year,” said Jaftha. 

On his itinerary: Jaftha will be enjoying the ocean. He has planned a yacht trip and a shark diving experience. With all the holiday indulgence, he will run along scenic mountains to “keep all the fatty foods in check."

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