Having no time to catch your connecting flight can cause all sorts of issues for travellers. Pictured is the Heathrow Airport.

It is easy to make silly mistakes when excitement builds up for an upcoming travel tips. The idea of sipping cocktails by the beach, enjoying the tourist sights and exploring different cultures are enough for anyone to forget important travel rules.

Here are some mistakes travellers make and how to avoid them:

Mistake: Not allowing time in between connecting flights

You have just landed at the airport after a long haul flight, but instead of enjoying a few hours layover before your next flight you are frantically rushing to board the next flight. This alone can get anyone into a panic attack mode. Therefore try to find connecting flights that offer a few hours of layover time. This will allow time to relax and refresh before your next flight.

Mistake: Not exchanging money at the airport

Even if you have a credit card and your bank is aware of your international holiday, try to exchange some money at the airport. Having the local currency in your possession will come in handy for transport, shopping at markets and restaurants that do not accept cards.  Also, you more likely to get a reasonable exchange rate at the airport than at the hotel.

Mistake: Not taking travel insurance

Most people have the perception that nothing can go wrong on holiday, but truth is that unfortunate events can happen at any time. Having the necessary travel  insurance can make a big difference and save you thousands of rands. Travel insurance can help pay out in an event of crime, injury, food poisoning or any other unfortunate event  that is covered in the policy.