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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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WATCH: Flight attendant finds snake’s head in in-flight meal

Picture: deedee Pexels

Picture: deedee Pexels

Published Jul 25, 2022


According to various sources, a snake was discovered in a SunExpress cabin by a crew member.

Not just a snake, but its head, and... in their delicious meal. Snake salad?

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In addition SunExpress took to Twitter and shared the following:

"It is our top priority that the services we provide to our guests on our aircraft are of the highest quality and that both our guests and employees have a comfortable and safe flight experience. The allegations and shares in the press regarding in-flight food service are absolutely unacceptable and a detailed investigation has been initiated on the subject.

“Until the research process in question is concluded, all preventative measures and actions, including stopping the supply of the relevant product, have been taken."

The tweet replies obviously went crazy as many were disgusted and shocked at the incident. Apparently this is not the wildest thing found in a meal on a flight; one reply stated the following:

‘’A long time ago, the Mexicana de Aviacion crew found a delicious bat on a food tray, instead of a chicken’’

Another read: ‘’HOW? If there are bugs it's normal even tho it's not normal, BUT SNAKE HEAD?? HOWW ???’’

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I think that question is lurking in all of our heads. In addition, the sources, including Simplyflying and the catering company - Sancak Inflight Services - firmly stand by the “fact” that it was not their doing and took offence at accusations made.

Sancak Inflight Services said the following:

"We asked for samples but we haven't received any samples. We are a large company serving all domestic and foreign airlines since 1994. We have been providing catering services to SunExpress company since 2018. This is the first time we have encountered such an event. For the last month there has been talk about problems such as snails and insects and finally the snake went up to his head.

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"We think this issue is not about us and our legal department is looking into this matter. We don't think it is from us, but we are mentioned and we are very sorry."

Obviously, some used the opportunity to “lighten the mood”, with one person saying:

‘’About time! No more beef or cow options only! get that protein in ya. Wonder where the rest of the body went..🤣🤣’’

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Furthermore, the catering company stated that it could not have been them due to the fact that their meals are thoroughly cooked at 280°C (around 536° Fahrenheit).

So, if not the catering company, who would do such a thing as this?