Fly With Stella rectifies some assumptions about flight attendants. Picture: Fly With Stella/Instagram.
Fly With Stella rectifies some assumptions about flight attendants. Picture: Fly With Stella/Instagram.

WATCH: Flight attendant spills the beans on dating pilots, salary and affairs

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jun 2, 2020

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US flight attendant Stella, known as Fly with Stella, discussed some assumptions that people have about flight attendants. 

Here she gets candid about being jetlagged, dating pilots and affairs. This is what she had to say in her YouTube video.

Flight attendants are always tired 

When asked why flight attendants were always tired, Stella replied: "We are not always tired, we are jet-lagged. We go from one time zone to another timezone, to a different continent. We always just flying around, so yes, we are jet-lagged."

They hate other airline attendants 

Stella laughed at this statement, claiming it false. 

"When I see the Emirates flight attendants walking, I'm like flight attendant envy. They so pretty, they so on point, and I am like, okay let me go put some makeup on."

The main thing they do is pour drinks 

"...and pass out pretzels," she joked. 

Flight attendants date pilots 

She said that this was a common misconception. 

"I feel like everybody assumes that pilots and flight attendants date, but no. I think that you date who you like, and sometimes it's a pilot and sometimes its not. I think flight attendants and pilots understand each other. 

"They understand the profession and how it works, so it may be easy to date a pilot, but it would also be easy to date another flight attendant. I do not see flight attendants and pilots dating that often."

Flight attendants get paid a bit more than minimum wage 

Stella said flight attendants do not make a lot of money at the beginning of their career.

"Every year your salary increases, so every year you make a little more," she said. 

Flight attendants have way too much free time 

She said flight attendants fly to a destination and have many layovers.

"We do kind of have free time, but it's like forced free time," she said. 

Flight attendant chose their jobs because they love to travel 

Stella agreed on the assumption. She said the number one reason for new hire flight attendants, including herself, to get into the profession is because of travelling the world. 

Flight attendants always have affairs 

Stella said she heard the assumption before about pilots and flight attendants. 

"It boils down to what type of person you are. If you are the type of person that's going to have an affair, it does not matter if you are a flight attendant or not," she said.

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