Youtuber Jennelle Eliana shares a video on living in a van with her pet snake Alfredo. Picture: Instagram

For people thinking of converting their van into a living space and a vehicle for travel, YouTuber Jennelle Eliana is a prime example of doing it the right way. 

The 20-year-old travels with her pet snake Alfredo in a self-converted 1995 GMC Vandura Explorer Limited. 

Eliana has been living in the van for over two years - and loves every moment of it. And judging by her million YouTube subscribers, people are intrigued, too. 

In a video titled VAN TOUR | SOLO FEMALE TRAVELER lives VANLIFE with PET SNAKE!, the influencer gives viewers a glimpse of her van - from her closet, Alfredo’s snake terrarium and the various sections of the van. 

Inside the cosy terrarium, Alfredo has two hides, a crystal and mini frames with pictures of Eliana. 

The van has limited wood-engraved details, front and rear airconditioning and heat, environmental air system, dual iPhone charger and a hammock. 

On Alfredo, she said: “Having Alfredo is such an interesting dynamic because I love him so much. He is literally incapable of loving me back, which is fine because that’s like every boyfriend I ever had.” (sic).