Jeroen Gortworst took flying to Sint Maarten to another level. Picture: Jeroen Gortworst/Instagram.
Jeroen Gortworst took flying to Sint Maarten to another level. Picture: Jeroen Gortworst/Instagram.

WATCH: Radio presenter's FOMO leads him to create epic viral video

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Apr 8, 2020

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Being in lockdown has made some people resort to unusual ways to fuel their wanderlust for travel. 

One traveller recreated a luxury air travel experience at home, and it has left social media users in absolute stitches. 

The viral video by travel influencer and radio presenter Jeroen Gortworst has garnered thousands of views and likes on his social media platform. Gortworst, who we can only assume was bored at home during the lockdown, decided to create a Business Class experience at home. 

At first, the 19-second video will fool you into thinking that Gortworst was flying into the world-famous Princess Juliana International Airport in Sint Maarten. He takes in the luxurious view of the ocean and string of resorts while he sips on some wine, his passport on his tray table. But, a few seconds in, the viewer is shown an entirely different picture. 

Gortworst isn’t flying Business Class, and he isn’t travelling to Sint Maarten. 

He is sitting in what appears to be his laundry room with a glass of wine. Even until the end of the clip, Gortworst seems content that he could escape to a ‘faraway place’’  while being in the comfort of his home. 

Many social media users were bowled over by his attempt. 

Cathy Neill commented: “ I’m loving this! (I’m a travel agent and spending all my days canceling reservations and trying to get the best results for my clients. But now I think I’ll go sit on the floor in the laundry room with my glass of wine and neck pillow.)”  (sic). 

Trudy Parke joked: “This is priceless! I WAS going to fly away to celebrate my 65th in a few months. No more. I’ll do something like this instead.” (sic). 

Mirka Adamicova commented: “I was supposed to travel this week to spend time with my family at Easter. Europe is closed, impossible to get anywhere. This little video made my day. Thank you for it.”  (sic).



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