Travel blogger Jarod proposed to his girlfriend on an active volcano in Indonesia. Picture: Instagram.

Proposals these days are extravagant affairs meant to woo your significant other, and travel blogger Jarod had to make his one to his girlfriend Alison epic.

The Canadian couple, who love to travel and be adventurous, are popular for their travel vlog, Our Moving Roots. 

The day started like any epic travel trip. The fitness-obsessed couple were excited to walk up one of the world’s most popular active volcanos called Mount Bromo in Indonesia. 

Jarod planned the grand proposal on top of the 7,600ft Volcano- and Alison had no clue. To her, it was just another adventurous activity. 
The couple’s friend Stu and Jen accompanied the pair to capture the viral video. 

Jarod posted on their YouTube page that it was their first time climbing a volcano. He wanted to make the moment even more special by proposing to Alison. 

He posted: “While walking atop the crater rim, hearing the deep rumble down below and stunning 360 landscape views, I got down on one knee and asked the love of my life to marry me.  

“She was so shocked and couldn't believe it was really happening.  After some tears of joy, a big "YES", and some kisses, Alison quickly said she needed to get off the volcano as she couldn't process both of these things happening at the same time,” he posted. (sic).