Influencer Sergio Ines and his girlfriend Elzaan share their recent Istanbul trip. Pictured is Istanbul's Galata Bridge. Picture: What My Boyfriend Wore.

What My Boyfriend blogger Sergio Ines and his girlfriend Elzaan recently visited Istanbul for their What My Boyfriend Wore Travels series.

The influencer is known for his men's fashion diary on Instagram that offers travellers advice on the latest trends and outfits.  

The couple explored the magical streets of Istanbul with Turkish Airlines and did a bit of shopping in between.

On their website, he said: “It’s been a little over 3 months since Elzaan and I hopped on a Turkish Airlines plane headed for a week in Istanbul. At the time, we had no idea how much this trip would change not only how we see the world, but how we see travel.” (sic).

He said that they were excited to share the experience with travellers.

“Now, after sifting through hours of footage together with thousands of photos we’re even more excited to share our experience with you. There has never been a truer case of ‘better late than never’, so go grab a snack, because you might be here a while and also…you’re gonna get hungry,” he said.

Watch the video here: