Topping the list was Athens in Greece. Picture: Pixabay.
Topping the list was Athens in Greece. Picture: Pixabay.

What US travellers will pay to visit these 10 destinations in 2020

By Travel Reporter Time of article published Jun 11, 2020

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While the coronavirus continues to rise across the globe, US travellers are already making plans to travel. 

The Dollar Flight Club, an email/app subscription service that alerts 800 000+ members about the worlds cheapest flight deals leaving their home airports, prepared data for the top 10 trending international and domestic destinations for July-September 2020.The period is what US travellers classify as "late summer". 

The company also pulled data on the lowest round trip prices you can expect on average from US airports during that period.Topping the list was Athens in Greece. Athens is located in the heart of Ancient Greece showcasing 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis and Parthenon temple.

According to the findings, a round trip is expected to be around $398 (R6622), up to 55 percent off standard fares.In second place is Kailua Kona in Hawaii, a popular option for travellers over the years. 

US travellers will pay around  $218 (R3627) for a round trip to Hawaii. In the third position is Reykjavik in Iceland. Travellers are expected to pay $283 (R4709) roundtrip to Iceland, up to 58% off standard fares. Miami in Florida fared well, and a popular choice for travellers who want to travel within the US. Fares start from $118 (R1963) for a roundtrip to Miami, up to 53 percent off standard fares.

Another destination is San Diego in California. Ticket fares start from $201(R3345) for a roundtrip to San Diego, up to 35 percent off standard fares.
Other popular spots on the list are Cancun in Mexico, Portland in Oregon, Chicago in Illinois, Seattle in Washington and Anchorage in Alaska. 

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Picture: The Dollar Flight Club.

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