What's in your cruise kitchen? 36 000 eggs, 14 000kg meat and other cold cuts

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Nov 19, 2019

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The following food stats are for a 7-day cruise on board the MSC Grandiosa: 

Flour 8000 KG

Cheese 4000 KG

Fresh fruit 21 000 KG

Seafood 8000 KG

Meat 14 000 KG

Cold cuts  2000 KG

Wine  6,800 bottles

Beer 5,200 bottles 

Water  38,000 bottles 

Soft drinks 25,000 cans

Milk 10 000 litres 

Fruit juices 3 100 litres 

Fresh eggs 36 000 units

 Fresh vegetables  22 000 KG

Jam 700 KG

Yoghurt 1500 KG

Sugar 2000 KG

Rice  26 000 KG

Fresh tomatoes  15 000 KG

Tomato pulp  500 KG

* Some of the items were measured in metric tons, which was converted to kilograms. 

MSC Cruises prepares all its meals from scratch. Picture: Clinton Moodley.
MSC Cruises shares their food and drink figures on board the MSC Grandiosa.

Other stats 

  • MSC Grandiosa serves an average of 1000 cappuccino and 2000 espresso cups daily. 
  • Around 60 sushi rolls per day and about 5/6 kg of rice daily are consumed at the Kaito Sushi restaurant. At La Perla Grigia and La Perle Grise, the cruise serves 3000 desserts each day. In the main restaurant La Perla Grigia they serve 600 kg of tomatoes each week.
  • Jean-Philippe Maury Chocolat & Cafè offers 13 types of macarons, 6 types of bonbons chocolate, 6 types of round truffles, 16 types of chocolate bars, 40 kinds of chocolate products and biscuits. To produce those, they use 6 grand crus of Valrhona chocolate spread in a total of 1,5 tons per month.
  • In Jean-Philippe Maury Ice cream offers 13 flavours of ice cream, 4 flavours of sorbets, 10 types of crêpe signature, 5 types of milkshakes, 3 stay fit blend beverages, 4 types of smoothie, 9 types of sundaes. It uses 1,2 ton of ice cream monthly in the Mediterranean season.
  • In Jean-Philippe Maury Bar, the cruise serves 19 types of coffee beverage, 7 spirits coffee and 2 Signature desserts.
  • The Champagne Bar serves a variety of 20 champagne.
  • The cruise prepares 800 pizza every day.


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