People opt to take a friendcationto spend quality time with each other and to have fun. Picture: Pexels.
People opt to take a friendcationto spend quality time with each other and to have fun. Picture: Pexels.

Your guide to planning the perfect friendcation

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jan 29, 2018

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Whether you in high school, college or reuniting after years, a friendcation is exactly what a group of friends needs to unwind and reconnect.

According to Siphesihle Penny Ndlela, the owner of travel company, Soul Traveller, many people opt to take a friendcation, where the aim is to spend quality time with each other and to have fun.

“Friends are looking for great places, great food, music and fun. They plan these types of holidays to enjoy shared moments that are intimate and special. Therefore, it's important for them to plan their experiences accordingly,” she says.

The most popular days for friendcation escapes are between Thursdays to Monday.

“Friends usually leave for their trip on Thursday afternoon and are back in the office by Monday morning. Despite just a day off, the weekend allows just enough time for the group to spend time with each other and a chance to rejuvenate from a hard work week,” says Ndlela.

Here are some tips to plan a successful friendcation:

Find that one person who can put everything together

There is always that one friend who is organised enough to plan a friendcation. Nominate someone to do all the planning and join in to help with whatever they need to get  done. If a group of friends want to relax and not worry about planning, Ndlela suggests the services of an agent or host. They can be arranged through a local travel agency.

“The host will be able to keep the mood up, motivate the group and energise them.

“They can also help plan an itinerary and ensure that everyone is on time for tours and dinner appointments, she said.

Set a date

Finding time to get together can be quite the challenge, more so when you are an adult. Discuss possible dates that suit everyone. Once the date is set, you are one step closer to enjoying that well-deserved friendcation.

Book early

Once the date is set, go ahead with plans to book flights, accommodation and tours. Try not to leave everything to the last minute.

Friends that explore together, stay together

Make it a priority to do some activities and tours during the trip. As much as the idea of lounging near the pool seems enticing, going out to explore a place is not only fun, but a great bonding tool.

Drink responsibly

While it’s fine to indulge in some alcohol, try not to overdo your consumption. No one wants to wake up the next morning unsure of what happened the night before.

Take time to connect

One of the reasons why people plan friendcation trip is to connect and get to know their friends better. Trips like these can help strengthen or ruin the bond of a group of friends. Try not to be that friend that boasts about his/her accomplishments, the last thing you want is to be regarded as the person who thinks too much of him/herself.

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